Healright is the leader in developing food as medicine. Our first product, Healright Squares, is clinically-tested to address health conditions related to Metabolism & Weight, Insulin Resistance, Heart Health, and Digestive Health. We believe that a life without the burden of disease is attainable, through science-backed foods that improve health and longevity. Healright Squares are an effective non-prescription, micronutrient-rich alternative that heals the human gut, thereby mitigating the causative effects of multiple diseases.

Healright Value System

To care for you, our participants

To partner with you to achieve your health transformation

To provide non-prescription support for those suffering from serious health conditions

To combat global epidemics of obesity, heart disease, diabetes, and gastrointestinal disease

Healright Resets Your Microbiome

Your gut contains ten times more health-determining bacteria than any other part of your body, yet so often, it is overlooked as the source of both disease and wellness.

Clinical Study Outcomes

15 clinical trials at the UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospital Oakland Research Institute prove that the Healright formula balances out the gut, staving off chronic disease and addressing serious health conditions. Participants in 8-week studies saw:

Increased HDL Cholesterol

Lower LDL Cholesterol

Decreased Insulin Resistance

Reduced Waist Circumference

Overall Weight Loss

How Healright Works

Two servings per day of the Healright formula for 8 weeks filled micronutrient gaps in poor diets of participants, effecting positive change without the necessity of imposing any severe changes in diet or lifestyle patterns.

None of the study participants altered their activity levels or changed their eating habits—except to add two servings of the Healright formula each day.

Healright Science