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Healright For Healthcare Professionals

A new way to help your patients

More than anything, you want your clients or patients to achieve better health. You’ve given them your best guidance, but you’re looking for a more direct solution to helping them overcome diabetes, obesity, heart problems, or digestive issues.

Healright is here to help

Healright is a science-backed food solution that confronts serious health conditions.

The science behind Healright

Scientists at CHORI, the Children’s Hospital of Oakland Research Institute, observed that consuming specific micronutrients positively impacted dietary-induced metabolic dysregulation and chronic gut inflammation. For 15 years, scientific studies conducted by CHORI researchers told the same story: Manipulate the microbiome and see health-changing results.

Read the published articles

The research team behind the Healright formula originally nick-named their nutrient-dense food “CHORI bar” and had two studies published in the Federation of American Societies Experimental Biology Journal. You can download and read two studies by clicking below.

Food-based Solution for Serious Health Conditions

Metabolism & Weight

  • After just eight weeks of Healright, those struggling with obesity can start to see real results.
  • At the end of an 8-week study of the Healright formula, participants saw statistically significant improvements in blood pressure, heart rate, weight, body mass index, and waist circumference.

Insulin Resistance

  • Studies have shown that a diet designed to limit inflammatory foods can lead to enhanced gut health, which improves immune and metabolic systems.
  • This, in turn, can help reduce insulin resistance and stave off prediabetes, as well as help to reduce the risk of the onset of type II diabetes.
  • Participants in an 8-week study of the Healright formula saw a 68% improvement in insulin response.

Heart Health

  • The Healright 8-week protocol is designed to balance out the gut to help increase HDL cholesterol, realign LDL cholesterol, and stave off chronic disease.
  • Participants in an 8-week study of the Healright formula saw an up to 25% increase in HDL cholesterol levels and an overall decrease in LDL cholesterol levels, without imposing any severe changes in diet and lifestyle patterns.

Digestive Health

  • According to the NYU Medical Center, 74% of Americans experience moderate to severe digestive issues, such as leaky gut, IBS, gas, and other gastrointestinal disorders.
  • Healright provides your body with the essential micronutrients it needs, which research directly links to improving metabolic conditions, gut barrier functions, and cellular health.
  • Participants in an 8-week study of the Healright formula saw reduced inflammation and reduced C-reactive protein levels.