Good Health Begins With Micronutrients

    Metabolic Dysregulation

  • The originators of the Healright formula believe that dietary-induced metabolic dysregulation and chronic gut inflammation are not just the results of an overload of trans fats and sugars.
  • Nutrient Deficiencies

  • The typical Western diet is too low in essential nutrients, and deficiencies in these nutrients are directly tied to prevalent health conditions in the United States — from heart disease to diabetes.
  • 15 Years of Research

  • The science behind Healright was developed methodically for fifteen years, and ingredients were selected to emphasize food components whose deficiencies are linked to increased disease risk.

What the Studies Show

Metabolism & Weight

  • After just eight weeks of Healright, those struggling with obesity can start to see real results.
  • At the end of an 8-week study of the Healright formula, participants saw statistically significant improvements in blood pressure, heart rate, weight, body mass index, and waist circumference.

Insulin Resistance

  • Studies have shown that a diet designed to limit inflammatory foods can lead to enhanced gut health, which improves immune and metabolic systems.
  • This, in turn, can help reduce insulin resistance and stave off prediabetes, as well as help to reduce the risk of the onset of type II diabetes.
  • Participants in an 8-week study of the Healright formula saw a 68% improvement in insulin response.

Heart Health

  • The Healright 8-week protocol is designed to balance out the gut to help increase HDL cholesterol, realign LDL cholesterol, and stave off chronic disease.
  • Participants in an 8-week study of the Healright formula saw an up to 25% increase in HDL cholesterol levels and an overall decrease in LDL cholesterol levels, without imposing any severe changes in diet and lifestyle patterns.

Digestive Health

  • According to the NYU Medical Center, 74% of Americans experience moderate to severe digestive issues, such as leaky gut, IBS, gas, and other gastrointestinal disorders.
  • Healright provides your body with the essential micronutrients it needs, which research directly links to improving metabolic conditions, gut barrier functions, and cellular health.
  • Participants in an 8-week study of the Healright formula saw reduced inflammation and reduced C-reactive protein levels.

Read the Published Articles

The research team behind the Healright formula originally nick-named their nutrient-dense food “CHORI bar” and had two studies published in the Federation of American Societies Experimental Biology Journal. You can download and read both studies by clicking below.